Hammock Heaven

A lot of my afternoons at home in mauritius over the holiday were spent in this hammock. 

I brought it back from one of my trips to Tulum, Mexico when I was shooting with the Calypso team. Love them! :)

What pure bliss... Under a coconut tree, with a cup of fresh citronella, hearing the lap of the ocean, and reading my new book on Marylin Monroe.

I will miss it!!

Headed to back to NY next week, I hear it's -9°C... HELP!!


  1. The very best hammocks are from Tulum. You look so comfy. Hope you are rested. NYC is really cold right now!

  2. Been to Madagascar with my boyfriend and I lived in my three linen Calypso T-shirts... just to tell you all they washed really well! I notice that you often wear a white V neck one under your jackets.

  3. Your hammock heaven looks awesome!

  4. tattoo enthisuast :)May 2, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    hi Alicia, iam getting my first tattoo soon, and i would like to get angel design, can i use one of your photos to let my tattoo artist do it as a angel with wing? i will share with result soon :))))

  5. Mexican Hammocks is a must have. They are really good to use!

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